This engaging hands on seminar will guide you through the business,  marketing and audience development skills as they apply to artists.  Thrive in a competitive marketplace and learn how to apply your  knowledge and resources to develop long-term strategies for your  practice.

Learn the secrets of a successful
arts business

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The Business and your Mindset

A fun, fast paced run through of the knowledge, information, tools  and confidence you need to understand your art as a business.

Experiential learning activities that make a profound change in the way you see yourself and your art.

A round table coaching experience for independent artists and small-medium arts organisations who have an  operating artistic practice and want to take their  business up a notch.

Marketing and Confidence

Build a 
Strategic Plan

"Lively, engaging, respectful and inspiring.  Lots of great practical examples, very positive. I left feeling  affirmed and inspired with practical tools to make my business work." 
-  Shepparton participant.



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"It has completely changed my attitude. I  especially liked the 'crossing the threshold' moment when we make  ourselves a promise to change things and visualise ourselves changed."
-  Shepparton participant

John Paul Fischbach
Artistic Director – CEO & Founder
Auspicious Arts Incubator

John Paul has crafted a life that is 50% independent art projects and  50% helping independent artists and arts companies with business and  marketing skills. He has a long history of producing and directing  theatre, film, festivals and site-specific events, from the 1984 Olympic  Arts Festival in Los Angeles to the International Puppet Carnival in  Melbourne.  He has lived and worked in the U.S., Denmark, England, Bali  and Canada.
On the creative side he has written a published a children’s book, Phillip the Penguin, directed several independent plays and opera.  In 2011 has completed his first film, Shoelace which has been screened world wide in over 30 festivals.  His trans-media project, True Secrets Melbourne  a smart-phone app was launched in 2013.  His newest project a comedy web series, Sex or Breakfast will be released in 2014. His book, The Australian Artist’s Survival Guide will be released this spring.

In 2007 he became an Australian Citizen and created The Auspicious Arts  Incubator.  Over the past 7 years he has helped 1,000s of artists all  over Australia build their confidence and get their business and  marketing stuff together.  In 2014 he launched The Artists Transformation School --  the 8-week on-line version that gives artists everything they need  to know to turn their creative passion into a business, watch a free webinar here.

(available for Day 2 only)

John Paul Fischbach, the CEO and founder of the Auspicious Arts  Incubator, has 20+years of experience transforming artists and arts  businesses into successful arts businesses. As an Artistic Director,  John Paul has founded and led many notable international theatre  companies. His specific skill set reached it's peak when he created a  theatre in Calgary, the size and scale of which matches Melbourne's own  Malthouse. Having worked with both small and large organisations John  Paul is uniquely positioned to address the issues that relate to your  theatre arts business.  The incubator has helped hundreds of artists and  arts organisations learn the business and marketing skills that have  made it possible for them to thrive.

“It was so far above my expectations of  what an arts business seminar was going to be. It focused on the psyche  and who you were as a person as the tools of your business rather than  spreadsheets, statements and accounting.”


For independent artists, small-medium companies and arts organisations

Morning 8:30am for 9:00am start - 1:00pm  --
The Business & Your Beliefs

The morning seminar is a fast passed fun run through of the knowledge,  information, tools and confidence you need to understand your art as a  business and to succeed in running / starting an arts business.

  • What is an arts business? And what to do to have a successful one.
  • You’re an entrepreneur: deploy your creativity to make a living.
  • The money stuff:  get it, manage it, invest in yourself.
  • Manage your time:  balance the art and the business.
  • Manage your mind: eliminate limiting beliefs

 Afternoon 2:00pm – 6:00pm  --
Marketing  & Confidence

The afternoon includes experiential learning activities that make a profound change in the way you see yourself and your art.

  • Goals and results:  set goals and visualise results
  • Your future success: plant the image of success in your personal time line.
  • Customers and marketing:  why people love you and want more of you.
  • How to sell yourself and your art: Don’t sell . . . share your brilliance.
  • Use smarter more effective marketing:  stop spruiking the product, identify the benefits


BONUS: The afternoon also includes information about how to progress  with the work from today by leaning about the incubator’s on-line  training program,  The Artists Transformation School.


Put on your CEO Hat with a proven Coach - Business planning Strategy Session

2-3 hour Master Mind round table coaching experience for a maximum  group of 12 artists who are more serious about their arts business and  want to become a #ThrivingArtist. 

Artists who have an operating artistic practice or arts business and  want to take their business up a notch are invited to attending a Master  Mind group coaching session on Day Two.

  • Share your present strategic positioning
  • Identify your personal goals and your desired future state
  • Discuss obstacles to achieving success
  • Workshop challenges and strategies specific to your situation.
  • Network with other ‘serious’ artists in your region
  • Build a Next Steps action plan to propel your arts business.